Stad Super 3 Show Live

8pm CET – Stad Super 3 show.

Wanneer hun drukke schema het toelaat komen Herman, Gwen en Edward weer eens samen. Net zoals vroeger. In den beginne waren deze 3 altijd op de zondag avond te beluisteren en vanavond is dit illustere trio weer bij elkaar.
Herman heeft zoals gebruikelijk voor de nodige geinige items gezorgd waar gretig op ingehaakt zal worden. En natuurlijk veel wijntjes, praatjes en plaatjes!

When their busy schedule allowes it Eddy mi Ami, Herman and Gwen come together in this live show, just like the old days when radio stad started on the internet and when this crazy trio hosted the sunday night live shows untill 2012.
Fun & Music for all!

En nu je toch hier bent… Wist je al dat de enige echte Paul Parker uit San Francisco naar Nederland komt en jij kunt hem persoonlijk ontmoeten! Samen met een optreden van ROFO en gave DJ sets wordt het een mega gave HIGH NRG avond en uniek voor ons land. 11 November .
Boek nu je early bird kaartjes hier

Monday is Freewheel- & the i Venti d’Azzurro Live Show

7-9pm CET – Michiel’s Freewheel Show. He will play anything from pop to new wave music

21:00 CET – The one and only i Venti d’Azzurro live show hosted by Marcello

21:00hr CET. The i Venti d’Azzurro live show! Marcello will spin the best Disco and dance made in Italy from his own vinyl collection; Italodisco 100%! he will talk mostly in English giving you the best inside info on recordlabels, artists and producers … Marcello knows it all!

i Venti shows will be ready within 24 hours on Youtube. Audio can also be downloaded Just click on ‘missed shows’ section on top to see it all.

Included in tonights show a live vinyl Italo mix-set by DJ Gustav!

Sunday Live: DoucheCo & Sundaynight Request Show 20230924

We are Back on air !. Every sunday we make it your night out with the best live shows online. let us entertain wherever you are! Studio Cams are rolling and the chatroom is open !.

5-7pm CET: DoucheCo with Michiel. He will play the best tracks from the ultimate classic hit chart once broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH. Today the chart from 3rd of September 1983. Click HERE to see the charts.

Zit je er weer klaar voor?
Jullie hebben via facebook je keuze gemaakt en Michiel draait ze vandaag uit een klassieke Haagse Flitsende 50 lijst van 3 september 1983! Inclusief minimixjes door bevriende chatters.

7pm CET – DJJW (Jan Willem Rijnbeek) – Nile Rogers vol 1 monsterjam mix

Last week Nile Rogers celebrated his 71st birthday therefor we air this tributemix full of tracks produced by this living legend like Diana Ross, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Madonna, Carly Simon, Grace Jones, Sister Sledge, Sheila, INXS and ofcourse Chic!

8pm CET – Welcome to the legendary sundaynight live show!

Menno, Gwen & Michiel are spinning your reqested tracks, this weeks spacesynth and more great music live and as much as we can from vinyl.
Any requests? click HERE .

Join us and the whole Italo/music family here and get into our Global chatroom!

1982-2023 …
41 years your one and only Italo & High Energy Station. Allways first with the best our music can offer you.

This week it is exactly 40 years ago that Styloo Pretty face saw the day of light. A special edition is released including remixes of Italoconnection but also by our own Eddy Mi Ami. We will play this track for you. Also tonight this weeks choice by Paul Thomson Bernard from Scotland. Tonight he chose for a classic track by Linda Jo Rizzo who will perform at the Beatbox party in October. Furthermore nice music videos and this weeks Spacesynth.
(And…You can still book your tickets for the ultimate HI-NRG 80s party for november 11 starring Paul Parker from San Francisco! Click > HERE to order. )

Within 24hrs all shows are on Youtube thanks to Rick. Audio can also be downloaded in our section ‘missed shows’. playlist will be in the comments, and on Facebook.

Every week a mashup (apk-mix) by National DJ Marc Hartman!
Tonight you can listen to (there was no APK this week)

Every Saturday, Disco Day In the MiX!

De Stad Zaterdag is niet zo maar een dag vol Disco / RSDH-Saturday’s, not your average day packed with Disco!

4-7pm CET – In the Mix (rerun fridaynight)

* Marc Hartman – More 4 On The Floor 16
* DJ Gustav – Tanz mit Mir vol 4
* Alex Ivens – Cafe Future Records – Lime-, Laserdance- & Modern Talking Mega mixes

See for all tracklists our friday post.

Get that real old fashioned saturdaynight feeling
Miss Ingrid, DJ Lex and DJ YO! will mix the best Italo & disco in town. Every week freshly made.

8-9pm CET – All you can dance 175 ‘Autumn’ Mix – Mixed by DJ Ingrid Elting
9-10pm CET – ‘Discontinu’ vol 26 mixed by DJ Lex van Coeverden
10-11pm CET – ‘YO! In the mix’ part 26 by DJ Johan vd Velde

11pm CET – Midnight Radio Live with Michiel
ENJOY your Club Night on RSDH

Freaky-Friday in the MiX !

Here is your Weekend Starter!
From 8-11pm CET. We make it your night out!
Every friday mostly brand new & unique mix-sets made only by excellent DJ’s mixing Italo, Disco, High NRG & Nu-Disco .

8pm CET – Marc HartmanMore 4 On the floor 16

22 eclictic electronic tracks mixed from Italoconnection, Pardon Moi, Pablo Bozzi and sooooo much more!

Playlist in the comments

9pm CET – DJ Gustav – Tanz mit Mir vol 4

Enjoy this Nu-Disco & Italomix by the Dutch DJ Bertin Bom aka Gustav

10 pm CET – Alex Ivens closes every friday with Cafe FutureRecords.

This friday 3 mixes in one! Alex starts with the Ultimate Lime Megamix (24 tracks), then you hear the Laserdance Megamix ( 14 tracks) followed by Modern Talking mix (11 tracks). And this all in only 1 hour!

Tracklists is in the comments below!

Rerun is saturday at 4pm CET.