Every Saturday = Disco Day In the MiX!

De Stad Zaterdag is niet zo maar een dag vol Disco / RSDH-Saturday’s, not your average day packed with Disco!

2-4pm CET – Synthpop Symphony 228 by DJ Matt Williams
1st Hour: Matt playes Pet Shop Boys, Peter Wilson, Vogon Poetry, Erasure, Italoconection a.o.
2nd hour is Sinister Disco Mix vol 14 by DJ Matt himself.
(rerun of last friday)

4pm CET – In the Mix (rerun fridaynight)

* Alex Ivens – Cafe Future records series; Back to Italo & Spacesynth Mega mix 1
* Manuel Rios – Junio 2024 New Gen Mix
* Patrick Camphens – RSDH Italo Disco mix vol 4

See for all tracklists our friday post.

8pm CET – Yo! in the Mix – Bonus vinyl
DJ Johan van der Velde with a classic Italo Disco Mix

9pm CET – Maurizio Giovane’s saturday music selection;

This evening Modern Wave !

11pm CET – Midnight radio live / Met Giel en Peet de nacht in !
ENJOY your saturday eve on RSDH!

‘Freaky-Friday’ is MiX night!

Starts 6pm CEST !!

Here is your Weekend Starter!
From 6pm till late CET. We make it your night out!
Every friday we start at 6pm with a show followed at 8pm with mostly brand new & unique mix-sets made only by excellent DJ’s mixing Italo, Disco, High NRG & Nu-Disco .

NEW!! 6-8pm CEST – Synthpop Symphony radio show (in English) by DJ Matt Williams.

Tonight we have the premiere of a new partly hosted show. Matt comes form LA in the USA is a great DJ & playes for 2 hours the best New Wave, Synth wave, Synthpop, electronic music, Nu Disco & Italo and new findings!
In the first hour you can expect; Pet Shop Boys, Peter Wilson, Vogon Poetry, Erasure, Italoconection a.o.
2nd hour is Sinister Disco Mix 14 by DJ Matt himself.

8pm CETAlex Ivens – Cafe Future Records series;

Tonight we go Back to Italo & Spacesynth Megamix part 1

Tracklists in the comments

9:12pm CET – Manuel Rios – Junio

Every month DJ Manuel Rios from Mexico mixes, exclusively for the listeners of Radio Stad, the best New Gen & newly released tracks.

10:12pm CET – Patrick Camphens- RSDH Italo Disco Mix vol. 4

Enjoy the best Italo tracks in this one hour mix DJ Patrick with tracks like;
Trans X, Michael Prince, Gianni Durante, Lazarus, Michael Fall, Ryan Paris, Gazebo and more!

Rerun is saturday at 2pm CET.

RMXD Show with DJ Zwaardski

Click on audio & chat in our menu on top!
8-10pm CET – Every thursday RMXD. on Radio Stad, welcome to show 176!
The best radio show for die hard Mix Freaks. Produced, put together and presented by Harold Zwaartman !

Enjoy a fantastic new episode with classic but also new remixes, mash-ups, info, special items & short interviews with the DJ’s, hosted by DJ Zwaardski.

Here is tonights DJ line-up for June the 13th;
1st Hour
Hithouse Classic (NL) – Disco Dance Hits Vol. 5 Side A 1988
Mixing Boys (SP) – I Venti Records Megamix 2024
DJ MXR (BEL) – Breaks & Beats Vol. 1 (Exclusive) 2024
2nd Hour;
Wilfred Kluin (NL) – The Ultimate 80’s Disco Funk Monstermix 2023
DJ Prince (NOR) – Ed Sheeran – Perfect Remix (Bonus) 2023
Enjoy, as always…..RMXD!
For Mixfreaks, By Mixfreaks!
Please join our chatroom tonight! Share your stories with people from all over the globe. Let’s connect ! RSDH makes it your night out!
Listen to Harolds extensive podcasts with artists, DJ’s, producers and so much more. RMXD the podcast ‘Biography’s in sound’

Stad Classics Live on wednesday!

(Beeld gaat Live om 20:00 uur!)

8pm CET – Geniet elke woensdagavond van Andre en Jerry wanneer zij live terug in de tijd gaan met de Stad Classic radio en tv show. De hele avond de lekkerste plaatjes uit hun en jouw jeugd. Herkenning uit je staptijd met discotheken zoals de Marathon, Blue Tiek In, Tempel, Asta, Tahiti & Sandokan! Er is veel vinyl, er wordt live gemixt door Andre en er zijn items zoals de Kringloopkraker, who sampled who, Cool Dance Radio plaat en nog veel meer.

Andre and Jerry will take you back in time with a new edition of Stad Classics Show. The best music from the 70s, 80s & 90s and the time you went clubbing. Relive your youth on your Radio Stad!
Andre and Jerry have several nice and fun items in their show like who sampled who and Andre will do some live mixing with vinyl.
Watch it here and join our chat!

Herman van Velzen & Gwen in de ‘Stad Super 2’ show

20:00hr- De Stad super 2 live show. Live screen active at 7:50pm CET

Herman, de Nestor van de radio, is vanaf het prille begin betrokken geweest bij Stad en dus ook in 1982 mede verantwoordelijk voor de oprichting. Sinds die tijd heeft hij zoveel mogelijk audio fragmenten bewaard. Met Van Velzen op je radio ga je op de dinsdag terug in de tijd en duiken wij in zijn archief met gedigitaliseerde audiofragmenten, klassieke reclames, mooie anekdotes, leuke items en heel veel fijne muziek uit jouw en onze 80s Stad tijd! Vanavond schuift Gwen gezellig aan.

Every tuesday a radio show (completely in Dutch) hosted by the co-founder of Radio Stad on FM in the 80s and also co-founder of Radio Stad on the internet that started in the year 2002. This DJ has worked for well known radiostations, is a voice over and now back on his roots. His name…. Herman van Velzen! The show is called ‘Wine, records & chat’.
Herman will play pure Radio Stad pop and disco classics from late 70s and 80s. Also lots of digitized audio fragments from the Radio Stad 80s past! Enjoy